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Like sunshine, the benefits of solar power are abundant. Perhaps the biggest benefit of home solar panel installation is that solar power can significantly reduce or totally eliminate your electric bill. Home solar panels increase home value from the moment of installation and offer total protection against future electric rate hikes. Once solar panel installation is complete, home solar panels last a lifetime and require very little maintenance. Finally, the electricity generated by a home solar power system is free, non-polluting, renewable and reliable. SolarMax Inc. will walk you through the entire solar installation process. We will perform a solar analysis, design the ideal solar panel system, obtain all necessary permits, tackle the paperwork and electric utility company applications, and install your solar array system. Once your home solar panels are up and running, a visual website is used to monitor the performance of your solar power system. The live data shows the actual wattage of electrical energy generated by each solar panel. Contact SolarMax Inc. today to learn more about the advantages of Ohio solar power. SolarMax Inc. has completed solar projects all over the state of Ohio, with many recent solar installations in Northeast Ohio’s Medina County.

Why Solar Power?

Solar panel installation in Ohio is becoming more popular. Along with plenty of sunshine, Ohio offers a wealth of solar panel incentives and financing. Converting to clean Ohio solar energy is a wise investment that is more affordable than ever.

Tax credits and solar incentives drastically lower solar installation costs to help make clean solar power a reality for nearly everyone. Contact SolarMax Inc. for information about solar panel incentives in your state.

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SolarMax Inc. is a leading solar renewable energy source provider that was started in 2009 by Kevin Wisor in Brunswick Oh. SolarMax Inc. helps you reduce your monthly energy costs with solar electric, solar air heating and solar day lighting solutions. Contact SolarMax Inc. and go green with clean solar energy today.

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SolarWorld Solar Panels are made in the USA. American made solar PV products are environmentally friendly and economically competitive. Investing in renewable energy creates well-paying jobs for high-tech professionals and skilled labor in the USA.

Our installations using SolarWorld panels and Enphase Microinverter units.

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